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Best toys for 6 year old girls: Hot toys 2016

Christmas is coming and if you’ve got little nieces, you’re probably wondering- what are the best toys for 6 year old girls? By age 6, most toys have just one popular season, and god forbid you buy *last year’s* hot toy. That could be a tragedy! We’ve put together a list of 2016’s best toys for 6 year old girls that will make sure your gift is a hit this holiday season.

Best toys for 6 year old girls 2016

1. Hatchimals
Hatchimal hatching out of egg best toys for 6 year old girls 2016 Mini Toy Store

Oh boy- Hatchimals are so hot, they’re nearly impossible to find! Hatchimals definitely top the hot toy list for 2016. These fuzzy creatures start out life in their egg, and are hatched by interacting with the egg. If you knock on the egg, the Hatchimal knocks back! Once you’ve played with the egg for about a half hour, it hatches. Once hatched, your Hatchimal will go through 3 stages- baby, toddler and kid. You help your Hatchimal advance through these stages by playing with it, and it will learn to talk, walk and dance.

Hatchimals are sold out EVERYWHERE. Unless you’re willing to go on a long search, you will probably have to pay a big premium to get them from a third party. If you do buy one you can be sure that you’ve picked up one of the best toys of 2016.

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2. Num Noms

num noms best gifts for 6 year old girls 2016 mini toy store

These adorable scented characters have lip gloss inside, and make the perfect stocking stuffer! With more than 100 different characters to collect in season 2, you can pick up a few of these for your little girl. You’ll be a hit when you give these squishy, scented cuties to the little one on your christmas list.

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3. Gift Ems

gitf ems best toys for 6 year old girls mini toy store

These adorable little dolls each come in their very own gift box. Each doll represents a different city from across the world. You won’t find better gifts for six year old girls, Gift Ems has everything they like. The surprise of opening each box, learning about all of these new cities, the cute little dolls and the play sets that are available- Gift ems were an easy choice for our best toys for 6 year old girls list.

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4. Furby Connect

Furby Connect best toys for 6 year old girls mini toy store

Furby is back, and hotter than ever for 2016. You may remember Furby from 1999 when it was the “it” toy, selling 14 million units. Yo’ll love playing with this interactive plush that has beautifully animated eyes, a joystick like light up antenna and the cutest language that’s all its own- Furbish! This year, Furby has some new tricks up his sleeve for you- he connects to an iOS or Android app that syncs to Furby Connect World. In Furby Connect world you can play games and go on adventures with your Furby.

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5. Pie Face Game

Hasbro Pie Face Game Best Toys for Girls 2016 Mini Toy Store

Your whole family will definitely want to open and play Pie Face as soon as you get it. You put whipped cream on the hand, put your face in the hole and take turns cranking the handle. After  a number of cranks, the hand lets go and boom, you get a pie in the face!

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